Welcome to the Board of Public Works! We hope you enjoy your stay in our area whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

Our utility’s main goal is to serve our customers. We welcome input from our customers and strive to provide good service.

In 2012, the average electric customer was out of service only 15.44 minutes (the 5 year average is 49.12 minutes). Two employees, an electric line technician and a State licensed water operator, are always on call with two-way radios, to give instant response to any utility need. Fourteen employees rotate call and all live in Nemaha County.

Twenty-four full time employees provide professional service 24 hours a day. State licenses held by employees include: Registered Professional Engineer, Licensed Pump Installer, Water Backflow Technician, Water Operator and Wastewater Operator. Many employees also have Commercial Driver’s Licenses with special endorsements to operate BPW’s heavy equipment. BPW employees are a visible part of the community.

The Board members of the Board of Public Works are local citizens appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve four year terms of office. This five person Board meets in regular session on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 06:00 PM at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

 Board of Directors

Chuck Knipe: Chairman

 Rich Wilson: Secretary

Michael Zaruba: Acting Secretary

Dan Buman:  Board Member

Phil Shaw: Board Member


David Hunter Jr.: General Manager

Mikel Kralik: Production Manager

Kenneth Swanson: Water/Wastewater Manager

Wende Bergmeier: Accounting/Finance Manager

Darren Oestmann: Engineering Technician

Jenny Moerer: Purchasing Agent/Payroll Clerk

Kelly Stahl: Utility Billing Clerk

Jessica Stanley: Customer Service Specialist


Bill Payment:

We are always glad to have customers come into the office to pay their bills or payments may be mailed to Board of Public Works, PO Box 288, Auburn, NE 68305-0288.

After hours, there is a drop box available which customers may use 24 hours per day, located on the north side of the office.

There is also a drive-up pay window, available during business hours, located on the north side of the office, for your convenience.

We also offer automatic bill payment. There are no penalties, checks, stamps or collectors at your door! BPW will send you a copy of your bill before it is deducted from your bank account. Your payment will show up on your bank statement, providing your receipt. BPW does not charge for this service. This is a simple process. You just need to notify the office that you wish to use this method to pay your bill and the date you want to begin. We will send you an authorization form to sign, attach a voided check and return to our office. Or you can download the form (Below paragraph.)  If you take care of this by mail, please provide your phone number in case we need to contact you.

  ACH Authorization Form (193.9 KiB, 524 hits)

We also offer credit/debit card payments & online payments via Xpress Billpay. We want to provide our customers with convenient payment options and valuable customer service. You can find instructions on our Home page or just give us a call if you need assistance!

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. If you have any other questions, just ask!

Who owns this utility?
The citizens of the city of Auburn, Nebraska are the owners of this not-for-profit utility.

When will I receive my first billing?
Bills are mailed at the end of each month.

When is my bill due and when am I considered delinquent in payment?
Bills are considered due when they are placed in the mail and delinquent after the 15th of each month.

What if I can’t pay my utility bill by the delinquent date?
You will be sent a final notice. To prevent interruption of your utility services, it is important that you contact a customer service representative and make arrangements if you are unable to pay by the date indicated on the notice.

How will I know your meter reader?
BPW employees carry identification and wear uniforms. If you have any concerns, just ask to see their identification or call our office. At various times, our meter readers will need to enter your home or business to read or replace a water meter.

Where are my meters?
Electric meters are usually on the side or back of your house. Most water meters are located inside; others are in pits, usually in front of the house. Water meters inside the house have radio reads or remote readers on them, which can be read from the outside. Please keep your meters accessible. We must be able to read your meters to give you an accurate utility bill.

What if I have an electrical or plumbing problem?
BPW provides professional utility service 24 hours of every day with at least two employees on call. These employees are trained to handle virtually any utility need. If a problem involves customer equipment, we urge you to contact a qualified private repair person. The State Electrical Act prohibits BPW from repairing customer wiring.