On January 3, 1939, the City Council of the City of Auburn established the Board of Public Works and began negotiations to purchase the electric system from Western Public Service Company. The deal was consummated in 1940 for a purchase price of $352,000. Assets of the combined utilities now are in excess of $17,700,000. The Board of Public Works serves electric customers in the City of Auburn, Villages of Brownville, Johnson and Nemaha, and rural areas in Nemaha, Richardson and Johnson Counties.

The Board is responsible for the water and sanitary sewer systems, as well as all fire hydrants and the street lights in the City of Auburn. A five person Board of local citizens is appointed by the Mayor and City Council to run the local utility. The General Manager answers to the five member Board. Answering to the General Manager are the department heads ‑ Electric Operations Manager, Water/Wastewater Operations Manager, Production Manager and Accounting and Finance Manager. Local control gives the citizens of Auburn an active voice in policies affecting rates, service and operation. It also means commitment to co

mmunity service and local people working together to meet local needs. The goal of the Board of Public Works is to provide the best possible service for the lowest possible rates and our employees are our most valuable asset in meeting this goal.