The Auburn Board of Public Works (BPW) would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the area.

We are thrilled to have you with us, and hope you enjoy your time here!

Our utility’s main goal is to provide superior service to our valued customers, and we hope the information included on this website will prove to be useful during your transition.

The BPW serves electric customers in the City of Auburn, Villages of Brownville, Johnson and Nemaha, and rural areas in Nemaha, Richardson and Johnson counties.  The BPW is responsible for the water and sanitary sewer systems, as well as all fire hydrants and the street lights in the City of Auburn. A five-person Board of local citizens is appointed by the Mayor and City Council to govern the local utility.  The General Manager answers to the five-member Board.  Answering to the General Manager are the department heads ‑ Electric Operations Manager, Water/Wastewater Operations Manager, Production Manager and Accounting and Finance Manager. Local control gives the citizens of Auburn an active voice in policies affecting rates, service and operation.  It also means commitment to community service and local people working together to meet local needs. The goal of the Board of Public Works is to provide the best possible service for the lowest possible rates to all customers.

Application Process: 

Complete the Application for Utility Service found to the right.

Utility Information:

Utility bills are mailed at the end of each month.  Bills are considered delinquent if not paid by 5:00 PM on the 15th of each month. Should the 15th fall on a weekend, payments are due by 7:00 AM on the next business day. A 6% penalty will be added to all delinquent accounts on the 16th of each month.

Payment Options:

In Person: Bring your bill and payment to the office of the BPW. We can help you at our front counter or at the drive-thru window located on the North side of our building. After hours, you can drop your payment in our secure drop box also located on the north side of the building.

Mail: All payments made via the mail must be received by the 15th of every month to avoid a late penalty.

ACH Method: Automatic monthly payments from your bank account. Complete the ACH Authorization Form found to the right and return to the BPW office with a voided check. Your bill will be paid automatically on the 15th of every month with no penalties.

Online Method: Pay your bill from the convenience of your home. Visit our partner, XpressBillPay at to complete the Xpress Bill Pay registration process.  You also can have your utility bill paid automatically every month with the credit card or debit card you designate to be kept on file.

Equal Pay Method: Residential customers can sign up for the Equal Pay Plan after living in their home for one year. The Equal Pay amount equals the average of your last 12 consecutive utility bills. Your bill must be paid by the 15th of each month to remain an Equal Pay customer.

Paperless Billing:

We are excited to offer the option of paperless billing to our customers. If you are interested, please stop by our office to sign up for Paperless Billing. Or visit our partner, Xpress Bill Pay to create an account and complete the registration process. Once you have signed up with Xpress Bill Pay, you will receive an email every month when your utility bill has been prepared. Paperless customers will receive a $1 credit on your monthly billing. If you also sign up for the ACH payment method, you will save an additional $1 monthly credit, for a total savings of $2 per month. You may elect to only participate in the Paperless Billing option for $1 credit each month, but you must sign up for both Paperless Billing and ACH to receive the $2 monthly credit. You can cancel your enrollment at any time.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page under “About Us” above.

Again, welcome to our service area! We are looking forward to providing you with excellent service at the lowest possible rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.